Dan Gillmor gets his hands dirty

Dan Gillmor, author of We the Media and columnist annouced that he’s leaving Mercury News to start to work on a grassroots journalism project himself. The South-Korean collaborative newssite Ohmynews got the chance to ask Gillmor some questions: What’s Next for Dan Gillmor?
I’m halfway through We the Media, and I have to say that it really gives me some extra insights. I can surely recommend it to everybody studying weblogs.

Since We the Media is licensed under a Creative Commons license, it can be downloaded for free on Gillmor’s site. But with the falling dollar it’s getting cheaper to order a hardcopy at Amazon.com.

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  1. Van Jole heeft in het mediakatern van de Volkskrant een stuk geschreven over de opkomst van micromedia, (weblogs en podcasts)
    Bericht hierover in relatie met Dan Gilmor op marketingfacts: http://www.mediafact.nl/comments.php?id=6462_0_1_0_C

    alsjeblieft ; )

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