Sony’s nederlaag met beschermde cd’s door webloggers

Je hebt ongetwijfeld gehoord of gelezen over de problemen die Sony ondervond door hun nieuwste manier om het kopieëren van cd’s te voorkomen. Het bleek dat de software (1) zonder toestemming van de gebruiker werd geïnstalleerd en dat (2) de software uiterst gevoelig was voor virussen.
InformationWeek legt uit dat dit nooit in het nieuws zou zijn gekomen zonder de hulp van blogger Mark Russinovich en de bloggers die er verder over schreven.

It started when security researcher Mark Russinovich first posted to his blog that Sony’s music CDs surreptitiously installed digital rights management software based on a “rootkit”–a hacking tool widely considered to be spyware. Following that, bloggers of all stripes, from seasoned security experts to aggrieved consumers, vented about the record company’s unethical and possibly illegal behavior.
“It seems crystal clear that but for the citizen journalists, Sony never would have done anything about this,” says Fred von Lohmann, senior intellectual property attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a cyber liberties advocacy group that has been vocal in its condemnation of Sony and may eventually file a a lawsuit against Sony, in addition to three that have already been filed. “It’s plain to me that it was Sony’s intent to brush the story under the rug and forget about it.”
Bron: InformationWeek – Bloggers Break Sony

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